Friday, 11 April 2014

Hearing Test

Adam had another hearing test this morning and the results were as confusing as ever.  

Up until a year ago, Adam was responding to most frequencies at various decibel levels but not responding at the four kilohertz frequency which, as far as I understand, is the high tones in hearing that give clarity.  But over the last year, in three separate hearing tests, his detection has appeared to steadily improve and he was slowly starting to pick up this 4K frequency.  His Teacher for the Deaf and ENT Consultant were very positive about his progress, so much so that if today's test had been similar, they would have reduced his level of support from the hearing team.

But today, that 4K frequency was missing again - Adam consistently responded to the other low and mid-range tones but the 4K high tones didn't trigger any kind of response from him, no matter how loud they were.  As if we needed it, this is yet more evidence that Adam's hearing can change from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month....The results of a hearing test are only accurate in the moment in which the test is occurring, beyond that moment? Nobody knows.  How does his hearing change?  When?  Why?  No one can answer those questions for us.

Clearly, Adam's dyssynchrony is still alive and well.

So the next steps are:  1) another hearing test in May 2) if the results are the same, hearing aids are going back on and 3) we may be sent back for a consultation in relation to receiving a cochlear implant.  But, if the results are different then the plan will also be entirely different.

Just to add an extra layer of complexity to the situation, it is possible that Adam's delayed and blurred speech could be either down to his hearing or down to his autism or a combination of the two and no one really knows.  So even if we go back down the route of considering a cochlear implant, we can't even be sure it would solve the problem because it might be the autism more than the dyssynchrony affecting him!

It's never straightforward in our world, is it?